Der Silberfux
“Legend has it that the sun bathes the days in gold here and dreams are silver in the nights.”

Legend of the silver fox

Hotel Silberfux is located in an incredibly beautiful place. Nature created a place of strength here and gave it the most beautiful thing it has to offer: majestic mountains, a pleasant healing climate, glittering snow and the glow of the sun. An area that is honored and preserved in its uniqueness: legend has it that forest animals once gathered here to determine who should guard and protect this magical place.

“Those of you who are distinguished by special deeds will be given this honor,” said the deer. The energetic squirrel immediately pushed forward. “I can find the best food stores and I’ll prove it to you,” she said, hissing away. “Is this a competition?” boomed the bear. “I am the strongest. Do you want to fight me? Who will fight me?”  He straightened up, but the deer only shook his head gently. “I have to think first,” muttered the cautious badger, while making himself comfortable in a pile of leaves. “I don’t feel up to the task at the moment,” snorted the hedgehog, whizzing back and forth to prevent his babies from running away, “I’m sorry, I’m busy.” The butterflies, rabbits, mice and wild boars chattered together, while trying to stand out and explain to the deer how special they were.

Only the fox took a few steps to the side and pricked up its ears. Then he held his nose in the wind. It was clear. He sniffed again, listened carefully. He hesitated, because if he now walked away from the gathering of forest animals, he would surely have no chance of showing the deer that he was the right person for the job. He looked around. He loved this place. He felt that the greatest treasures in the world were at home here: satisfaction, relaxation, health and happiness. Then he started running. And came just in time.

Because the hikers, who had got lost in the rising fog and whose calls the fox had heard, were heading straight for an abyss. The fox considered. He had been warned of people many times. But he couldn’t allow them to endanger themselves, those who weren’t endowed with animal senses. He quickly got in the way of the hikers, and when they noticed him, he led them back safely. Then he disappeared as quickly as he came. He ran back to the gathering of animals, but there was no one but the deer left. The fox hung his head in disappointment

“Which of us will it be?” He asked the deer quietly. “Who is guarding this magical place?”
“The one of us who puts the well-being of others above our own,” replied the deer.
“And who is this?”
The deer leaned forward and touched the fox on the head.
There, a strand of his red fur turned silver.

“From now on you are the silver fox,” said the deer, “you belong here. You honor nature, animals and people alike. You are smart, level-headed and helpful. You know that the sun bathes the days in gold here and that the dreams here are silver at night.” The silver fox nodded and accepted his task.

For many, many years, with his ingenious, attentive and loving manner, he has ensured that this place is preserved in its peaceful energy. Since then, people have come from far away because they find peace, relaxation and pure happiness here. And on some moonlight nights, it is said, if you are at peace with yourself and have peace in your heart, you can see the silver fox.